Germany in Rwanda Collaborates with Umuri Foundation and Rulindo District to help children develop their talents

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The Umuri Foundation was established by the assistant coach of the Rwandan national football team, Amavubi, Jimmy Mulisa, which has become a resource for children in Rulindo District, which will help them continue to develop their talents in playing football. . After saying goodbye to the children who are going back to school, Irerero Umuri Foundation continues other activities aimed at helping young people to make the most of their talents while also learning and preparing for their future. In this context, on Friday, September 22, 2023, this school was in Rulindo District where about 280 children from ten schools for boys and four for girls met. This event was held in collaboration with the Rulindo District and the German Community Development Organization working in Rwanda. Apart from the fact that the children played, there was also a message to help the people of this district, reminding them how they should develop themselves from the few opportunities they have. The teams were divided into different age groups, and they played a small competition and the first ones were awarded with trophies and other equipment including footballs, training uniforms and football boots. At the end of this event, the Umuri Foundation thanked the Deputy Director of German Cooperation in Rwanda, Clèment Hausler, for joining the organization in this event. The Umuri Foundation was established in 2019, with the broad objective of helping young people to make the most of their football talent while also preparing for their future by going to school.