Umuri Academy

Our Academy programme transcends the mere learning of technical skills. It also provides holistic development for the child, to fulfil our mission statement At Umuri Academy, we believe that all children deserve the opportunity to be part of a sports (Football) program that provides a healthy, safe environment away from the negative influences they may face in their everyday lives and bring football to as many children as possible. We help young people,mostly the vunerables with educational attainment, football coaching and character development.


School scholarships

Participants receive Primary & secondary school scholarships through partnerships developed by UMURI F with local schools. This includes school fees ( uniforms and equipment)

Football coaching

Developing the technical skills of the participants is key to them ultimately securing academic and soccer scholarships. As such they receive daily football coaching from a highly qualified coach at Umuri Foundation.

The approach to coaching also helps to strengthen life-skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership. Umuri F qualified coaches and volunteers are responsible for planning,carrying out and reviewing coaching sessions in developing the football skills of the participants. The approach to coaching also helps to strengthen life-skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership

Character-building & life-skills development

A tailored character-building curriculum is delivered to participants to help them develop critical life-skills such as teamwork, communication, self-esteem and leadership. There is also a focus on developing key character attributes such as commitment, resilience, integrity and humility, which are seen as integral to achieving success, as well as being core to developing a wider social conscience and responsibility


Upon completion of school or those who didn’t contuine Uf supports participants in accessing Vocational institutions. See our graduates to date!

Additional Content

Umuri Academy empowers football enthusiasts aged 9-17, guiding them from beginner to pro. With 20 dedicated peer coaches, we traverse communities identifying budding talents from vulnerable communities. These mentors nurture, develop, and propel players to new heights in their football careers, seeking to form better players and better persons for our communities. Our program boasts 15 boys' teams and 5 girls' teams, totaling 300 participants. Five coaches hold a coveted Category C coaching license so far. Two players earned spots in the under-17 National Team, while 25 advanced to the second division. Additionally, our elite team, Umuri Sports Club, competes in the third division of the National Football Championship, solidifying Umuri Academy's commitment to cultivating excellence on and off the field. .

Umuri Sports Club Football Coaching Grassroots football coaches play a critical role in helping children love and keep them in the game, mould upright people for society and prepare the foundation for children with potential to develop their talent further. The importance of the grassroots football coach cannot be overemphasised. Grassroots football needs competent coaches, equipped with the right attitude, skills and knowledge. Girls Team · Holiday Football Camps Coaching Curriculum .